Antique Sideboard for my Dining Room

Y’all, I’m so excited about my latest piece of furniture I just purchased. It’s an antique sideboard or buffet or server or whatever you’d like to call it! I’ve had my eye on this piece since I first saw it a few months ago at my favorite antique store in Buford, Georgia (it’s Queen of Hearts Antiques in case you’re wondering).

After getting some birthday money last week I decided to stop by on Friday just to see if the sideboard was still there. Well, it was still there so I took it as a sign that maybe this piece should come home with me! On Sunday my hubby and I went back to look at it–he thought it was great too so we set about negotiating a price.

We came to an agreement with the seller so my sweet hubby borrowed my dad’s truck and brought the sideboard home. It’s sitting beautifully in my dining room and looks like it’s been there forever. Don’t you just love finding something that seems to fit perfectly in a room? I do!

Isn’t it beautiful, y’all? I have been searching and searching for the perfect addition to my dining room and am so glad to have found it. I LOVE decorating and hosting parties so I have lots of glassware, serving dishes and China; currently I’m using my guest bedroom closet to store extra things but the cabinet space in this sideboard is going to be so helpful!

This sideboard will also be great for when I’m hosting dinner parties and other gatherings–I can put the drinks out on it instead of setting them in the kitchen as I normally do. At any rate, I guess you can tell that I’m thrilled about this new addition!

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