Cake Pops for Breakfast?!…Cinnamon Streusel Cake Pops

Are you a little surprised at the title to this post? I mean really, cake pops for breakfast?! Oh yes you can! Cinnamon Streusel cake pops (or cake balls in this instance) are perfect for breakfast…but then again I’ve never been opposed to a slice of cake for breakfast every now and then. (Oh, no worries, I won’t tell anyone if you’ve done that too!)

So these delightful little Cinnamon Streusel cake balls are so delicious. They are made with a cinnamon coffee cake mixed with your choice of vanilla or cream cheese icing. Outside is a vanilla candy shell and these little breakfast treats are topped with a sweet brown sugar mixture. I bet you can’t eat just one!

I took these on my Girl’s Trip to the beach this summer and they paired perfectly with a strong cup of coffee. They didn’t last long with my girlfriends!

Now’s the perfect time to savor these cake balls; cinnamon always brings out the coziness of fall and reminds me of the fast approaching Christmas season! Need me to make you a batch? Contact me at for more information.