Cotton Warehouse in Monroe, GA

Do you need a venue for your wedding, a special party such as an anniversary celebration or milestone birthday? Well, I became familiar with a neat venue in Monroe, GA a few weeks ago while helping a friend coordinate a wedding. It’s The Cotton Warehouse in downtown Monroe, Georgia.

This place is cool because it has character! It’s an old brick warehouse with hardwood floors, exposed wood beams and neat hanging lanterns. Small burlap curtains throughout the room add a cozy factor, along with the burlap wreath hanging on the door to the restrooms which is downright Pinteresting! I adore the rustic feel that with the right decor and accessories is oh so shabby chic!

If you are in need of a wedding ceremony spot they have a perfect little garden in the back. The privacy fence is great for blocking out distracting street traffic and creates an intimate atmosphere. And I think a back drop of the brick building is beautiful.

Here’s a few photos I took at The Cotton Warehouse…I think you’ll agree it has charm.

Now, don’t you agree…this is a pretty neat place to have a party! Maybe someday I’ll do a vow renewal ceremony here.

Do you need help planning a party? Email me at and we’ll arrange a free consultation.


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