Autumn Decorations

Is Fall your favorite season too? It sure is mine! I love the weather…not too cold, not too hot, just right! And the clothes are fun…who doesn’t love gorgeous knee-high boots? The Autumn scented candles at Bath and Body Works are to die for! Have you smelled Creamy Pumpkin or S’mores yet? Better go out today and get you one…or five! They are delicious. And you just can’t beat fall comfort food like chilli, chicken and dumplings or a delicious hearty soup from the crockpot!

Fall is also my favorite season to decorate my house for (well, except Christmas…I just adore decorating for Christmas!) I love the warm, rich colors (which happen to compliment the rest of my home decor just perfectly)! I’ve spent this past week decorating and I thought in honor of the first day of Fall I would post the pics now.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and get inspired in your own decorating adventures!

Happy decorating! And have a wonderful day!


DIY Distressed Frames & Collage Wall

Do you ever get the itch to redecorate your house? I’ve lived in my house for 3 and a half years (which I know isn’t a terribly long time) and somedays I have to fight myself so hard not to go out and buy new furniture! Now I’m not saying that I don’t love and appreciate my current pieces…I’m just saying that sometimes you need a bit of a change. I satisfy those urges by redecorating my tables, countertops and other spaces seasonally; but lately, even doing those changes hasn’t helped.

So now I’ve moved on to changing up some of the art on the walls. Did you see my previous post where I made a fun piece out of an IKEA frame, a wooden letter, burlap and some black paint? If you missed it, here you go: DIY Frame Artwork.

My next project was creating a collage wall using distressed frames. I bought the frames from IKEA; they were white. To get the look I was going for I spray painted them (well, to be honest, the hubby painted them while I was taking care of the baby) a matte black. Later I took sand paper and started rubbing the frames in a random way…achieving a “distressed” look.

Here’s a few pics of how it turned out:

Here’s a close-up of one of the pictures so you can get a better look at the distressed feature.

I like how the wall turned out, but I think the space below it looks a little bare now…like it could use a cute little table with maybe a lamp and a few darling nick-knacks on it. Hmmm, may just have to put my decorating cap on and go shopping!

OH! and I learned a brilliant trick on Pinterest for creating a collage wall. Lay out your pictures how you want them on the floor. Then put pieces of wax paper taped together over it. Mark where all the nails need to go. Simply tape the wax paper to the wall and poke your nail holes. How easy and convenient is that?? Gotta love Pinterest!