Beach Bum Cake Pops!

Well, sadly summer is almost over! Or actually, scratch that! I had a wonderful summer but I’m tired of the scorching heat and ready for the cool, breezy temps the fall brings…along with the rich colors that Autumn brings!

Summer was full of fun though; for one it was the start of my cake pops craze! I made so many cake pops this summer that I’ve begun to loose track! Some of the first ones I made were Beach Bum cake pops that I took to our Family Reunion in Navarre Beach, Florida.

These little guys cost me several precious hours to make but turned out so stinkin’ cute (and YUMMY of course) that it was well worth the time!

So, what do you think? Did these little guys turn out “beary” cute or what? Each teddy had a swimsuit drawn on (afterall, we weren’t at a nude beach!) and a face painted on…some I’m not gonna lie, they seem to be saying “Help me! I’m about to drown!” LOL! Regardless of their facial expressions, they were delicious and were consumed in no time. (P.S. Cake pops are delicious with a big bowl of ice cream, just sayin’.)

This is a picture from the Navarre Beach trip. Of course we did the classic khaki and white pictures that everyone seems to do these days! We did these in the morning when the beach was less crowded and boy was it sunny…the squinty eyes just couldn’t be helped!

Ok, well I hope you had a delightful summer as well. Oh and if you have a cake pop need…shoot me an email.


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