DIY Frame Artwork

Well, the other day I got a little DIY inspiration from none other than Pinterest! Where else would I get cute ideas from without that new website?! If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet or just haven’t heard of Pinterest, let me tell you a bit about it.

Basically it’s a visual bookmarking system which allows you to save all the really cool things you find on the web in an organized and visually appealing way. The extra neat thing about Pinterest though is that you can SEE what everyone else is bookmarking or “pinning” and then if you like it you can repin it to your page. Pretty cool, huh?

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Now onto the point of this post. So a few weeks ago I saw this picture on Pinterest:

I thought that was adorable and it made me want to do something similar in my house.(If you click on the picture you will be taken to the original blogger who created that frame).

The frame is the UNG DRILL frame from Ikea which I promptly went out and purchased. I also bought a wooden letter from JoAnn’s craft store and some black paint. I’m IN LOVE with burlap at the moment and had some at home so that was the fabric I decided to use. The frame came black which matches my home perfectly so I did not have to do anything to it.

Here’s my final product:

I placed it on a wall you see when you first come from the laundry room into the hallway. You can also see it from the main living area. I’m pleased with how this little project turned out. And this little update only cost about $35 or so.


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